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European Ladies Cup 3-Cushion and Libre - Rosmalen (NL) - 16-18 June 2017 06/19/17

ROSMALEN - She lost her world title recently, but that has not affected her spirit. Therese Klompenhouwer is still one of the best female players in the world, and she proved it during the European Ladies Cup in Rosmalen this week. At this CEB... >>

ESPA 5-PINS FOR CLUB TEAMS – ROESELARE (BELGIUM) – 08-11/06/2017 06/17/17

The Swiss Club DIAMANTE LUGANO wins for the 4th consecutive year the International Tournament ESPA 5-PINS for CLUB TEAMS held in Roeselare (Belgium) on June 8-11, 2017, against sixteen Teams coming from many European contries. The Swiss Dream Team... >>

European Ladies Cup 3-Cushion and Libre - Rosmalen (NL) - 16-18 June 2017 06/17/17

nformations and results: >>

PORTO - FINAL Coupe d´Europe 3 CUSHION CLUB TEAMS 06/17/17

Hosts FC Porto take the European trophy   PORTO - The star-filled team of FC Porto has finally broken the second-place curse. They hosted and won the European Cup for club teams, the most prestigious prize in Europe when it comes to team... >>

PORTO - FINAL Coupe d´Europe 3 CUSHION CLUB TEAMS 06/09/17

PORTO - Porto has already made a name for itself, hosting many World Cup tournaments. Now, the arena of the Academia de Bilhar, in the famous Estadio Do Dragao, welcomes the best European club teams in the battle for the Coupe d' Europe from Friday... >>

EUROPEAN LADIES CUP – 16 to 18 JUNE 06/08/17

ROSMALEN - The southern Dutch city of Rosmalen has become one of the billiard hotspots in the country, hosting both national and international events. From 16 - 18 June, the tables in De Hazelaar will be reserved for the European Ladies Cup, a... >>


HO CHI MINH CITY – The podium at the end of the World Cup in Ho Chi Minh showed a complete European foursome. The Belgian Eddy Merckx was on top with the flower crown and took the trophy and the 8.000 euro prize. Therefore he showed in the... >>

A new CEB board has been elected today 05/20/17

The new president is Diane Wild - Switzerland. The new Secretary General is Pierre Reynaert - France. A new assessor is Benny Van Goethem - Belgium. The CEB Board is constitued by Did Schintgen – Jean Pierre Guiraud - Diane Wild – Benny Van Goethem... >>


ZOERSEL - The 41-year-old Japanese Orie Hida was the first ever world champion in women's three-cushion. Thirteen years later she returned to the highest stage in Zoersel (Belgium) this Sunday afternoon. Her emotional feelings were intense and... >>

Billiards was the big winner in Brandenburg 05/08/17

BRANDENBURG - A ten day marathon came to an end on Sunday, and the Stahlpalast closed its doors. No fewer than 500 billiard players had made an appearance, more than 800 matches had been played. Belgium came out on top of the medal list, as the most... >>

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