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04/09/17 22:22


Winner team team Bochum, from left to right Sam van Etten, Thomas Nockemann, Ludger Havlik and the team captain Paul Kimmeskamp.

In the beautiful and monumental city of Prague has been disputed from 7th to 9th April the final round corresponding to the Coupe d’Europe Classic Teams, with the participation of 6 teams, 4 French, 1 German and 1 Czech, Vitkov Prague winner in the previous edition.

The classification in the groups phase was as follows:

     GROUP A                                      GROUP B

1st.- Vitkov Prague (CZ), 4 points        1st.- Ronchin (FR), 3 points

2nd.- Soissons (FR), 2         “                2nd.- Bochum (DE), 2    “

3rd.- Ecully (FR), 0               “                3rd.- Chartres (FR), 1     “

The semifinals faced, in one side: the Czech team of Vitkov Prague and the German Bochum; and on the other side: the French teams of Ronchin and Soissons, turning out to be winners Bochum and Ronchin.

In the final match, very exciting and with a lot of tension, the German team Bochum is imposed to the French Ronchin by the result of 4-2.

Thus, the gold medal was for the German team of Bochum, the silver for the French Ronchin, and the bronze for the French of Soissons and the Czech Vitkov Prague.

Congratulations to Bochum (Germany) and his players Van Etten, Nockemann and Havlik.

This competition was very well organized, with a lot of spectators. Also noteworthy the great level that most of the players who participated showed off during the competition.___